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Below is one of the papers I have written for my Human Development class along with the grade and comment from my professor. I would have never dreamed of getting comments like this. School has been great for me. I am really enjoying it. I am looking forward to many years of learning ahead.

Here is what the question was:

Television: Imagine you are presently teaching. A parent of a student in your class wants your advice about his or her child watching too much television. The parent wants to know if you think that watching three hours of television a day is going to harm the child in some way. How do you respond?

Carly Blasco

FHS 2570 The Child Six to Twelve

Section 4:Television:


                My first thought would be to simply say yes and be done with the conversation. That is only because I can’t fathom allowing a child to sit in front of what I consider an electronic babysitter for 3 hours a day.

                I would ask the parent if I could have some time to think about their question and get back with them in a couple of days. If my offer was accepted, this is where I would go home and collect my thoughts on how to approach the situation. Not that it would impact how I feel on the subject; however I would definitely take into consideration how the child is doing in school, if the parents are actively involved in the child’s education, etc.

                It is a sensitive position to be in when a parent asks a question of this nature, in return you are basically critiquing their parenting skills. I would then collect all of the facts to keep it as impersonal as possible; I feel that by simply sharing the facts from various studies, it would prevent the parent(s) from getting as defensive. Think of a time when someone has shared their opinion about the way you do something?

                Like I stated at the beginning, yes I think that 3 hours of television a day is too much. In my personal opinion, it doesn’t allow a child to learn what reality is; they are watching these people act on a screen all day; when they go into the real world how shocked they will be when those they interact with don’t behave the way the individuals do on the television? Along those same lines, it becomes an addiction to escape from reality; instead of learning to cope or problem solve one who watches television that much will simply escape their problems. In turn this is ultra damaging as problems can build up inside and after time an individual can explode over something insignificant. Watching excessive television can also teach ineffective behaviors; think about a road and how it gets worn down, car after car after car. Your brain is the same way; watching violent acts over and over again can wear on one’s brain to the point that it seems natural to act in such a manner. Why wouldn’t it be, the people on the television are acting that way and they are getting away with it, why wouldn’t I be able to? There is so much to offer in the world; why waste each day away by sitting in front of something that doesn’t stimulate your mind? The biggest issue I have with excessive television is, here is a young mind, thirsting for knowledge, love and attention from their parents; that’s what we all thrive off of, yet you stick them in front of, again, what I call an electronic baby sitter to raise them. So much is being missed out on; seeing the world through a child’s eyes is absolutely breathtaking! To be brought back to reality, to be stopped in your daily tracks and to see what most people miss.

                On a factual note I would share with the parent information from various sites; I like what this site says under Mind Deterioration, “Along the lines of that, have you ever tried to do get things done after watching TV? It’s as if you’ve become “mind paralyzed” and you have to wait for your brain to slowly get back in gear. I call that time period the “dead zone” and even after that, you’re still not working at peak efficiency.” The irony that you can feel so tired after not having used one ounce of energy.  Another site puts it so perfectly, “TV also decreases one’s attention span and weakens one’s imagination. It weakens our attention span because we grow used to quick, short bursts of information. As a result, we grow impatient if it takes a while to make a point. TV weakens our imagination because everything is portrayed for us. All we have to do is sit back and observe someone else’s imagination.”

                Our bodies are incredibly designed, they are powerful beyond our wildest imagination; why not get out there and see what we are capable of instead of living life not knowing or wondering what if. How challenging it is to share your thoughts and opinions with another parent, yet with love and facts, I have the thought that it would be a productive conversation. If a parent has enough courage to ask the question, be sensitive in your response; that shows they are somewhat aware that there is potentially a problem.

Comment from my professor:

Section IV-C: 15  (out of 15) Great job, Carly -one of the best papers I’ve read on this subject. I like that in spite of your strong opinion, you are sensitive about just expressing it to the parents. What a great idea to get some unbiased, factual information for them. Those were thought-provoking quotes in your paper also. I appreciate all the work you did on this

Q & A

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So far I am LOVING school. A big portion of my participation is based on discussion boards and what I have read.

This week in my Human Development Class for 6-12 yr olds the question was:

Researchers have a responsibility to their participants in all studies. How do those responsibilities differ when a study involves children?

I believe that when researchers are studying children there are so many facets that cause it to be different than if you were looking into the life of even an adolescent.
Children are like wet paint; very impressionable. When trying to pull information from a young mind, it is important to ask in a way that allows them to share their own feelings without their answers being influenced to mirror what you may be possibly looking for.
Because children go through so many developmental stages, it would be important to understand and or be aware of the stage of the child(ren) you are researching, so that you may be able to anticipate certain responses or prepare yourself as to what approach would be the most effective for that child.
There are also legal requirements that must be taken into consideration when researching children as they are not of age to consent to participating in any questionnaires or programs.

By: Carly Blasco

In my Marriage and Family relations class the question was:

What is a family?

I find the definition of a family to be something personal especially in today’s society.
For me it is a social unit of people created by an unbroken bond through marriage, adoption, love, natural birth, and or divorces.
A family consists of those whom you confide in with everything and know that you are unconditionally accepted. Your family unit is where you develop a majority of your characteristics, traits, and are heavily influenced as to who you will be throughout your life.

By: Carly Blasco

I’m looking forward to learning. My goal is to take a path of courses that will allow me to get my associates in psychology which means when I transfer to a University I would be a Junior in my Degree. I also want to take some business classes to help me with my current job; next semester I will be able to hopefully join a program that will allow to get credits for working while going to school.

It’s that time of year again. I can’t believe that the summer has happened and is over already. I swear Aly was just getting out of school the other day and now she is starting next week. It’s amazing how I want life to slow down with her and speed up in other situations.

She will be starting 4th grade this year!! Wow, how did that happen. I know I say that every year but it is really hitting me that she is growing up and will continue to grow up.

It’s going to be a busy semester; 4th quarter at work starts shortly and I also start school next week. I decided that a 13 year break after High School was long enough. My new position in work has assisted in giving me the confidence that I can actually do this. So now I say to myself, here goes nothing. I am more excited than anything. I will be taking a Personal Finance class, a class that helps gain study techniques, and a Human Development class for 6-12 year olds and how their environment affects them. I like the idea of being able to pick which subjects I will study for the most part; depending on what I am out to achieve.

It’s great that there is the option to take the classes online now; this will help me so that I don’t have to rearrange my work schedule, worry about daycare and whatever else comes with trying to go to school on campus. I am sure sooner or later I will have to take some classes on campus, but for now online will be nice.

So Cheers to a new journey! We shall see where this new road takes me.

Second Grade

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How the heck did this happen? She is in 2nd grade. I don’t feel old enough to have a second grader! Time has gone by too fast. I love that she is so smart and does so well in school. She makes new friends so easy. She is such an amazing kid! I wouldn’t trade her for the world!
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Today was my Peanuts parent teacher conference. I am never worried about these and look forward to them to hear all the great things her teachers have to say about her. She was the ONLY one in her class with a PERFECT report card!!! I was speechless. She was also on the Principals Honor Roll and the Citizenship Honor Roll. She is a wonderful classmate and student. Her teacher said she is a pleasure to have around and it a great friend and has lots of friends. She listens well and has great reading skils. She is an amazing speller and is doing very well in her handwriting. Such a relief to go in a hear wonderful things about your child. I have to say she is naturaly smart since that isn’t exactly how my parent teacher conferences went. Afterwards I called up Mrs. R and asked them if they wanted to participate in the festivities of honoring such an amazing accomplishment. Mrs. R use to be a teacher so I figured she would be a great source to call! We went over and indulged in some succulent grilled cheese and tomato soup and afterwards headed to the park for some playtime. Of course there was room for ice cream and brownies afterwards and playtime with Mr. T. Love this family so much. I feel blessed to have them as my friends and to be able to bask in the Spirit that abides in their home. The love that they have for each other and Mr. T just ROCKS! I have been blessed with some amazing friendships since I have moved to Utah. The kind that matter. A BIG THANK YOU to the R house for participating in the festivities with us! MMMWWWAAAHHH

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Well I am not sure how I feel about this New Year. Not to be completely negative or anything but it is only 16 days into this year and I can’t keep up with myself with the events that are taking place! I got a phone call today at work informing me that my Peanut had fallen. I asked them if she needed stiches and they said that they couldn’t advise me on that. I really didn’t think anything of it. I called Tara and asked her to go check on her and to ease my motherly mind. Not to long after that my phone kept ringing and so I decided to answer it. It was Tara letting me know that she should have stiches. I packed up and away I went. I went to her school and took her to the local Insta-Care. They said if she needed any stiches that they didn’t have the means to sedate her and to take her to the Primary Childrens Hospital. Next STOP! We got to the E.R and sure enough she needed stiches. She was an absolute trooper! I thought they were going to have to get me some smelling salt! I had to sit on a stool next to the bed and put my head down! 5 Stiches later we were off. Black Ice is DANGEROUS!!! The doctor that did them did an AMAZING job, they look GREAT! I love my GIRL!!!

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