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So Aly and I are moving right along in our Karate. On January 15, 2011 we were able to take our test which would allow us to advance to an Orange Belt. Each rank takes a little longer to receive the invite to test as there are more Kempos, Defense Maneuvers, Katas, etc to learn. You only receive an invite if your Sensei believes you will actually pass the test. They are definitely not a walk in the park for sure.

I decided, pre invite, to take this 6 week women’s boot camp class which is an hour every Friday night. So the night before my friend Jaclyn and I go into our class and leave with literal Gumby legs. I felt like I was learning to walk for the first time. We had spent the entire hour working out our legs. So I woke up the next morning having the thought that I had just committed the greatest level of self-torture one human could face as I knew within just a few short hours I would be taking my Karate test.

I tried with all my might to not let my sore legs get to me as I walked into the Studio, pumped and ready to go. Aly was nervous and her stomach was already in knots, which as a mom didn’t help me any. This is a hard situation to be in because I have to take off my mom had and realize that I am there to test and not rescue my baby.

So the test starts off  by meditating and instantly my Sensei has us go into squats. I INSTANTLY had visions of me relieving myself all over the carpet as I could barely bend my legs. Needless to say I had a goal in sight and I was not going to let my sore legs get the better of me. After 2 hours of testing, a small period of relief came when we were able to meditate prior to our certificates being passed out. This was after many push-ups, performing what we had learned, Sparring which sucks the life out of you, and sweating like no other.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to have that new belt in front of you and putting it on knowing you have put your all into it. Let’s just say I was unable to walk with out some kind of limp for several days. 🙂 It was well worth it. I am so grateful over and over again to be able to be a part of the Martial Arts world. It is fantastic and has provided me such an amazing opportunity to enjoy pushing my limits physically and watching my daughter excel and build her confidence. I look forward to continuing this journey and seeing where it takes us.

All of those that tested! Post test


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It’s that time of year again. I can’t believe that the summer has happened and is over already. I swear Aly was just getting out of school the other day and now she is starting next week. It’s amazing how I want life to slow down with her and speed up in other situations.

She will be starting 4th grade this year!! Wow, how did that happen. I know I say that every year but it is really hitting me that she is growing up and will continue to grow up.

It’s going to be a busy semester; 4th quarter at work starts shortly and I also start school next week. I decided that a 13 year break after High School was long enough. My new position in work has assisted in giving me the confidence that I can actually do this. So now I say to myself, here goes nothing. I am more excited than anything. I will be taking a Personal Finance class, a class that helps gain study techniques, and a Human Development class for 6-12 year olds and how their environment affects them. I like the idea of being able to pick which subjects I will study for the most part; depending on what I am out to achieve.

It’s great that there is the option to take the classes online now; this will help me so that I don’t have to rearrange my work schedule, worry about daycare and whatever else comes with trying to go to school on campus. I am sure sooner or later I will have to take some classes on campus, but for now online will be nice.

So Cheers to a new journey! We shall see where this new road takes me.

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