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On her actual Birthday she wanted to have a special dinner with Mike,Elisa,Calli and Family. I love how tender her heart is and how she is so sentimental. She is appreciative of the time that is put into a gift or an outing. Her laugh is awesome! I love to hear it and don’t think it comes out often enough. She is a loyal friend and cares for everyone. She has a huge spirit in such a young body. I feel honored to be her Mom and privileged to raise her. It is overwhelming sometimes to love a child.
The CAKE, Thanks a MILLION Elisa. As always , it was oh so delicious. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, spinach/artichoke dip ( homemade ), homemade roles compliments of Elisa’s Mom. Thank you EVERYONE for making this such a SPECIAL day.

When these two get together they can LAUGH the WHOLE entire time. It is the most beautiful sound! This is when Aly is truly herself, this is when she lets it all out.

Here is the bag I made her with assistance from Elisa. This was made from a pair of jeans that she would wear EVERY day if I let her. They were almost capris and the knees had holes the size of craters. I figured this was the only way she would accept me getting “ride” of them. It worked. She LOVED it.

I felt like Aly aged about 10 years when I bought her, her scriptures. She was and is so proud of them. Check out the outfit she wore to church, I LOVE my kid!

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This last weekend almost felt like a vacation, time seemed to extend itself. It was so nice and exactly what I needed. I felt like I had not been to work for awhile when I got back on Monday. I worked on my quilt top and finished that portion. Did Elisa’s hair, cut Aly’s, played some serious Rockband, ate delicious food and got my laundry done. I’m glad I can keep up on my hairskills by doing Elisa’s hair. It was pretty funny, after I cut Aly’s hair she was sitting on the ground and Miss Calli walked over to her hair and was putting her hands in it and playing with it. She is too cute. These girls were so dang cute this weekend. They laughed so much, they were belly rolling. It was making us all laugh. There is no better sound in the world then the laughter of a child. Calli can say Aly now and was saying it all weekend long. I have to agree with her mom and say she is so smart. All the words that she knows and how much she understands when you talk to her. She is like a windup toy and is nonstop. On Saturday she wanted nothing to do with a nap and was screaming like a chicken being choked. I was laughing cause it was so dramatic. The minute she got up she was fine. Hey who wants to miss a party. I love these girls so much. I am so grateful to be a part of their lives and to watch them grow and learn. To watch them with life’s discoveries.

Thank you for a perfect weekend and ALL that you do!!!!

I spent the night at Mike and Elisa’s, then Aly was dropped off on New Years Morning.
It took us sometime to get our engines going; however when the victim below was severely attacked (see exhibit A) we decided it was time to get up and going. Mind you this is the 2nd victim to be brutally attacked at Elisa’s house. =) The first one was just a few weeks ago when I was doing my laundry and I decided that I needed to put my bra in the dryer, which I NEVER do and when I opened the dryer to my dismay it was in TWO pieces! EEEK. So 2 down and 1 to go I was in need. Also it has been YEARS since I purchased a bra. I can’t stand them. It is depressing to go shopping for them especially when each time I go I have to get a significantly smaller size! It was time for the other ones to be laid to rest anyway. They had been worn through a pregnancy and whatever else. So off we went. Um yeah it was a JOKE! Until we got to JC Pennys and found two for $30 that actually were “normal” whatever that means. That means they aren’t Madanona cone shaped and they actually cover you up. After that we went to the Rec center and went swimming which was fun, kind of weird to be swimming when it is FREEZING outside. Then it was off to dinner and home to play Guitar Hero. We also did our Christmas since we were all together. I got homemade earrings from Elisa, WOOT WOOT! My own Jeweler =) They are the BEST and the ONLY ones that my ears like plus they are one of a kind. I also got this air freshner that smells like lemongrass and green tea with those reed sticks. LOVE IT! My apartment smells like a massage salon. MMMMM. So good. Thanks Elisa. Aly got some earrings too and and awesome art kit. She is so creative and always needs art stuff. It is nice to be attaching such great memories to each day.
Exhibit A
Swimming at the Rec Center

Sweet Angels