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Aly & her loot


Opening Gifts

My sister Jamie and her family live in California, they came out during the 2nd week of Christmas Break this year. It worked out for Aly’s dad and I to switch weeks so that she would be able to see her cousins while they were out here.

They came over on Christmas Day right before she came home and we were able to enjoy everyone’s company. Aly then spent the night with her cousins on Sunday and Monday night. I went over to my sister’s in-laws house on Monday to make earrings and hang out. Tuesday was a quiet day and Wednesday my sister’s oldest daughter spent the night at my place.

We dropped Jo off Thursday morning and hung out for a little bit before returning home. We always enjoy getting together with family even though time seems to go by much to fast when we are together. I was also fortunate enough to have this week off of work to catch up on some housework and sleep.

Back to school and work we go on Monday.


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Cousins-Pey Pey, Aly,Lexi-Lou, Jo Lynn

Jamie and I- This is after about 20 tries to get BOTH of my eyes open. Not sure but I am cursed to not be able to have my eyes open in a picture.

This is the Quilt I made for Aly.

I think I might be retired ( I know Elisa says I am not. LOL ) She taught me to Quilt and I did this by myself with her direction. She also did the border and quilted the center, I quilted the outside. Aly picked out the fabric with LITTLE assistance.

Playing Mario Kart

My dishes got done- Thanks Tucker



So this year for the Holidays my sister Jamie came to Utah with her husband Tucker and their 3 girls. All the cousins got to play together on Christmas Eve Day while I worked and then we ate dinner at Tucker’s parents house, OH SO YUMMY. Then Aly and I went home to have our own Christmas morning. That afternoon everyone came over for games, lunch and of course some HGTV. Every time my sister comes to visit, it turns into our own personal makeover show. It is always perfect to have someone else help hang things up. So after 6 months my stuff is on the walls. Thanks Jme! I LOVE it. BTW not sure how I didn’t get any pictures of you. My dishes got done, THANKS TUCKER!! The girls played for hours and had a good time. It was nice and simple. Memories were made and all ended well.
Thanks you guys for hanging out with us!!

Our Nativity Scene

Our Tree

Opening up her Quilt

The Quilt I have been working on. I finally finished it and decided to give it to her for Christmas. She picked out the fabric with little help and I did most of the Quilt myself. Elisa quilted the middle and I quilted the outside and Elisa did the border. I cut and sewed the pinwheels. With all the blood, sweat and tears it is done. This is my first quilt ever. THANK YOU ELISA!!!