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Aly & her loot


Opening Gifts

My sister Jamie and her family live in California, they came out during the 2nd week of Christmas Break this year. It worked out for Aly’s dad and I to switch weeks so that she would be able to see her cousins while they were out here.

They came over on Christmas Day right before she came home and we were able to enjoy everyone’s company. Aly then spent the night with her cousins on Sunday and Monday night. I went over to my sister’s in-laws house on Monday to make earrings and hang out. Tuesday was a quiet day and Wednesday my sister’s oldest daughter spent the night at my place.

We dropped Jo off Thursday morning and hung out for a little bit before returning home. We always enjoy getting together with family even though time seems to go by much to fast when we are together. I was also fortunate enough to have this week off of work to catch up on some housework and sleep.

Back to school and work we go on Monday.


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My baby turned 8 last Sunday. YES 8!!! I am not sure I feel old enough to have an 8 year old. She is so big and I know she really isn’t cause when she is twice this age I will be saying that too, but for now she is too big for me. We have celebrated her birthday ALL month long, literally! The first weekend we went to Red Robin for lunch and then we were going to go to the Circus but after waiting in a lengthy line they told us it was cash or check only! What the heck, who knew. It didn’t say that on the tickets. šŸ˜¦ I felt bad but we made up for it and still had a good time. She got packages from Grandma, Aunt Lindy, and Aunt Jamie. It was so fun for her to get them all at different times and open them up. Nothing like getting something in the mail. (besides bills). I loved the cards her cousins wrote to her and to see them writing! Thanks everyone!

On her actual Birthday she wanted to have a special dinner with Mike,Elisa,Calli and Family. I love how tender her heart is and how she is so sentimental. She is appreciative of the time that is put into a gift or an outing. Her laugh is awesome! I love to hear it and don’t think it comes out often enough. She is a loyal friend and cares for everyone. She has a huge spirit in such a young body. I feel honored to be her Mom and privileged to raise her. It is overwhelming sometimes to love a child.
The CAKE, Thanks a MILLION Elisa. As always , it was oh so delicious. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, spinach/artichoke dip ( homemade ), homemade roles compliments of Elisa’s Mom. Thank you EVERYONE for making this such a SPECIAL day.

When these two get together they can LAUGH the WHOLE entire time. It is the most beautiful sound! This is when Aly is truly herself, this is when she lets it all out.

Here is the bag I made her with assistance from Elisa. This was made from a pair of jeans that she would wear EVERY day if I let her. They were almost capris and the knees had holes the size of craters. I figured this was the only way she would accept me getting “ride” of them. It worked. She LOVED it.

I felt like Aly aged about 10 years when I bought her, her scriptures. She was and is so proud of them. Check out the outfit she wore to church, I LOVE my kid!

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In my opinion I have the best kid but I also received the most AMAZING mothers day gift ever!!!! My visiting teacher helps me with Alyson if I have to work late or on Saturdays. She has two girls that love to have Alyson over. Almost a month ago they made a gift for Mothers Day and I had to wait to open it. I wasn’t sure if I could do it but somehow I managed. I think it was the help of Alyson watching me to make sure I didn’t!!! This morning she was more then excited for me to open it!! I could only imagine since at this age they are homemade and it gives them that much more meaning and value! I was more then pleasantly suprised!! Alyson sat there with the biggest grin on her face to see my reaction; of course I loved it. Her handprint with a picture. More than priceless ; I think!!!!