Posted: 12/31/2010 in accomplishments


Me, Aly, & our Sensei

New Yellow Belts



At the end of October Aly came home with a paper talking about Karate starting at the Bountiful Recreation Center; she wanted to do this course that would only be 15 weeks each Friday for an hour. Well as it turned out scheduling was not in favor for everyone involved and so I turned to Google and entered “Karate in Bountiful”.  The first place that popped up was United Studios of Self Defense. I decided to stop by after work that day and check it out. I walked in to one of the most energetic, friendly, passionate people I think I have ever met. You could tell he had a true love for the Martial Arts and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others. No sooner had I learned what the program was all about, Aly and I had an hour lesson set up to try it out. We showed up on a Wednesday night and were there for a full hour; at the end of that session, I could not believe what I had found. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Aly and I got fit with a Karate Gi and were on our way.

We were quickly thrown into our group classes which we attend 3 days a week along with one private lesson. For each belt you learn different defense maneuvers and kempos before you are invited to test. The test is quite intense and I don’t think I have ever sweat like that in my life; I didn’t expect to cry when I got my belt but I did especially when I looked over and saw Aly putting her Yellow Belt on. It is quite an accomplishment to earn any of the belts and it has become my sanity to go to Karate, it is my outlet, I love the exercise it is but more than that what I have learned about my body. I have learned so much about myself, my coordination is greatly improving, and I love how mindful it has helped me to become. I would recommend it to anyone.

Our Yellow Belt test was on 11/6/10

  1. Kamie says:

    Hi Carly! I was just thinking about you and hoping things were going good for you!!

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