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Posted: 08/30/2010 in accomplishments, learning, Me, School, Thoughts

So far I am LOVING school. A big portion of my participation is based on discussion boards and what I have read.

This week in my Human Development Class for 6-12 yr olds the question was:

Researchers have a responsibility to their participants in all studies. How do those responsibilities differ when a study involves children?

I believe that when researchers are studying children there are so many facets that cause it to be different than if you were looking into the life of even an adolescent.
Children are like wet paint; very impressionable. When trying to pull information from a young mind, it is important to ask in a way that allows them to share their own feelings without their answers being influenced to mirror what you may be possibly looking for.
Because children go through so many developmental stages, it would be important to understand and or be aware of the stage of the child(ren) you are researching, so that you may be able to anticipate certain responses or prepare yourself as to what approach would be the most effective for that child.
There are also legal requirements that must be taken into consideration when researching children as they are not of age to consent to participating in any questionnaires or programs.

By: Carly Blasco

In my Marriage and Family relations class the question was:

What is a family?

I find the definition of a family to be something personal especially in today’s society.
For me it is a social unit of people created by an unbroken bond through marriage, adoption, love, natural birth, and or divorces.
A family consists of those whom you confide in with everything and know that you are unconditionally accepted. Your family unit is where you develop a majority of your characteristics, traits, and are heavily influenced as to who you will be throughout your life.

By: Carly Blasco

I’m looking forward to learning. My goal is to take a path of courses that will allow me to get my associates in psychology which means when I transfer to a University I would be a Junior in my Degree. I also want to take some business classes to help me with my current job; next semester I will be able to hopefully join a program that will allow to get credits for working while going to school.

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m so happy you are going to school. I know it has helped me through many things, although stressful at times. You’ll do great!

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