General Conference

Posted: 04/17/2009 in Daily Happenings, Gospel of Jesus Christ

there were SO many people!! Getting out was wild

Couple of weeks ago I was at work chatting with one of my fellow blogger friends, Kristen, whom at that point in the day I had not met but had chatted with several times. I was getting ready to leave work when I check my messenger and see, ” Do you want to go to Conference”. I was like sure. I have never gone before, considering I had grown up in California it made it less accessible to go. So I text a few peeps cause I had a total of 4 tickets and was way excited. Well since it was short notice I didn’t anticipate that anybody could go. Needless to say Julie was able to go. Now Julie and I have known each other since I was almost 8 I think, so that puts us at around 22 yrs now. YIKES! So we get ready and head up Saturday morning. There is nothing like fighting Conference traffic. So we get to the will call door and wait in the shortest line to get our tickets . I get my ticket and we walk into the conference center and I show one of the ushers our tickets and they escort us to where we need to go. We kept walking and walking. I looked at Julie and we were like, our seats are close. So we get where we need to be and the show us to our seats. We were the 10th row back!!! NO WAY!! I was so excited. It was beautiful, it was calming, it was a spiritual feast. I wanted the organ to be played louder, I wanted the music to be sung louder, it filled my body and rejuvenated me. I LOVE music. I love the way it feels inside of me. It is the spice of life. It was sweet to feel such peace again as I have felt so much turmoil lately. Thank you Kristen for the tickets!!!
  1. julie says:

    That was AWESOME! Thank you so much for inviting me and we definitely need to go Five Guys again cause it was dang good!

  2. Grammy says:

    What a cute picture of you and Jewels! So glad you are still friends. It has been a long time, huh? I remember you as a little girl, Carly. This is making me feel really old!

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