The CAKE, Thanks a MILLION Elisa. As always , it was oh so delicious. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, spinach/artichoke dip ( homemade ), homemade roles compliments of Elisa’s Mom. Thank you EVERYONE for making this such a SPECIAL day.

When these two get together they can LAUGH the WHOLE entire time. It is the most beautiful sound! This is when Aly is truly herself, this is when she lets it all out.

Here is the bag I made her with assistance from Elisa. This was made from a pair of jeans that she would wear EVERY day if I let her. They were almost capris and the knees had holes the size of craters. I figured this was the only way she would accept me getting “ride” of them. It worked. She LOVED it.

I felt like Aly aged about 10 years when I bought her, her scriptures. She was and is so proud of them. Check out the outfit she wore to church, I LOVE my kid!

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