Girls Night

Posted: 03/01/2009 in accomplishments, Crafts, Creativity, Elisa, Frienships, Good Times, Memories

Last night Elisa and I had a Girls Night Out. These are always needed once in a while and are harder to do with family. I was feeling the need to be crafty in some sort of way. I needed to distract my brain from ruminating on the rat wheel that it was on. You see I wish I could blow up my mailbox in hopes that my mail wouldn’t be able to be delivered to me and then it would just magically disappear. I got letter yesterday stating that Mediation is set up for March 24th and I get the opportunity to drive all the way up to Logan and pay for HALF of the time that we spend with the Mediator. You see I think this is obsured as I DIDN’T start this case, I am not the one that is keeping it going and it is unjustified. It can’t go to court cause they would throw it out which I would be fine by. So here I sit, getting $175 less a month in Child Support while this case is settled, in the mean time paying money that doesn’t exist to a lawyer and I get to take a $350 check to the Mediator cause he is $200 FREAKING dollars an hour. I am in the WRONG business people!!!
Ok so back to my night out. Elisa came up and we went to dinner. Enjoyed people watching! That is the BEST and I could do it ALL the time. Then we went to Michael’s cause that’s what we do best to pick out a new adornment for the earrings we were going to make. You see Elisa is Queen “B” of crafts and can , I belive, do ANYTHING. So back to my apartment we go and she starts to teach me how to make earrings. Of course I get the mind set, “heck yeah I can do this!”. It wasn’t to bad, just deciding what to put together was the hardest part. No worries though, it wasn’t like we were on a timer to pick out what went together. It was so theraputic to get lost in looking at all the beads and “playing” really. I felt like two kids playing “dolls” on the floor. It was GREAT!! I am pretty impressed with myself. You know it’s a frienship to hold onto when they create that passion inside of you to be a better person and to want to step out of your box so to speak and try new things. Elisa has brought out so much in me that I have always wanted to do or try that I never thought I would have the chance to do. I just never had the gumption to do it on my own. I have to give Elisa credit for the pair that have the word “hope” on them and the “black” circle. She assisted with the others. I did the ones with the little stars myself and was VERY proud.


  1. Jill says:

    How fun!! That is awesome. I want to learn that too…way to go!

  2. Kim says:

    OH MY…these are SO beautiful. What talented ladies you are! 🙂

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