All Month Long

Posted: 03/01/2009 in Birthday, Family, Gifts, Good Times, Memories, My Peanut

My baby turned 8 last Sunday. YES 8!!! I am not sure I feel old enough to have an 8 year old. She is so big and I know she really isn’t cause when she is twice this age I will be saying that too, but for now she is too big for me. We have celebrated her birthday ALL month long, literally! The first weekend we went to Red Robin for lunch and then we were going to go to the Circus but after waiting in a lengthy line they told us it was cash or check only! What the heck, who knew. It didn’t say that on the tickets. 😦 I felt bad but we made up for it and still had a good time. She got packages from Grandma, Aunt Lindy, and Aunt Jamie. It was so fun for her to get them all at different times and open them up. Nothing like getting something in the mail. (besides bills). I loved the cards her cousins wrote to her and to see them writing! Thanks everyone!

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