New Years Eve

Posted: 01/07/2009 in Family, Friendships, Little Miss, Memories, MikeandElisa, New Years Eve
Elisa’s Mom and Mike

Elisa singing and Layna playing the guitar

Elisa’s dad doing the drums

Little Miss

I don’t think I have had this much fun in a long time. I went to Elisa’s sisters house for New Years Eve and played Rockband for almost 6 hours =) . I was the most proud of my Sensational Skills and 99% on the singing, oh it was a Beastie Boys song so I am not sure if you could consider it singing. LOL. Elisa’s Mom and Dad came; they played with us and I was ROLLING!! They did a really good job and Elisa’s Mom Rocked out on the drums. I think she was a drummer in her past life. HA HA. Thanks you guys. It was kind of a head trip since I spent New Years Eve with them last year and it felt like this whole last year never happened when I showed up, it was nastalgic to be there. I remember last year thinking how badly I wanted 2008 to end because it meant hitting anniversaries and surviving or at least I hoped. Here it is 2009 and I can’t believe where last year went and all the things I managed to overcome or survive. I am grateful for the growth I have made; however grateful that it is now the past and as always a new day ahead to learn and grow from.


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