New Years Day

Posted: 01/07/2009 in Family, Friendships, Good Times, Little Miss, Love, MikeandElisa, My Peanut
I spent the night at Mike and Elisa’s, then Aly was dropped off on New Years Morning.
It took us sometime to get our engines going; however when the victim below was severely attacked (see exhibit A) we decided it was time to get up and going. Mind you this is the 2nd victim to be brutally attacked at Elisa’s house. =) The first one was just a few weeks ago when I was doing my laundry and I decided that I needed to put my bra in the dryer, which I NEVER do and when I opened the dryer to my dismay it was in TWO pieces! EEEK. So 2 down and 1 to go I was in need. Also it has been YEARS since I purchased a bra. I can’t stand them. It is depressing to go shopping for them especially when each time I go I have to get a significantly smaller size! It was time for the other ones to be laid to rest anyway. They had been worn through a pregnancy and whatever else. So off we went. Um yeah it was a JOKE! Until we got to JC Pennys and found two for $30 that actually were “normal” whatever that means. That means they aren’t Madanona cone shaped and they actually cover you up. After that we went to the Rec center and went swimming which was fun, kind of weird to be swimming when it is FREEZING outside. Then it was off to dinner and home to play Guitar Hero. We also did our Christmas since we were all together. I got homemade earrings from Elisa, WOOT WOOT! My own Jeweler =) They are the BEST and the ONLY ones that my ears like plus they are one of a kind. I also got this air freshner that smells like lemongrass and green tea with those reed sticks. LOVE IT! My apartment smells like a massage salon. MMMMM. So good. Thanks Elisa. Aly got some earrings too and and awesome art kit. She is so creative and always needs art stuff. It is nice to be attaching such great memories to each day.
Exhibit A
Swimming at the Rec Center

Sweet Angels


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