Hefalumps and Whosles

Posted: 10/31/2008 in Blessings, Creativity, Daily Happenings, Good Times, Life Events, My Peanut, Talents

My Sweet Dancer

The outfit couldn’t have been more perfect! If she picked it out herself I am positive it would have looked just like this!

She did such a good job. She has been asking me for some time now to do dance and it has finally worked out. She goes with her friend Katie on Tuesday nights when I am at my group. She is in all her glory! I love to see her develop her own personal talents and passions. She is so creative and has quite the imagination.
Just love this kid!!!

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  1. I love her outfit!! glad it all works out and she can take a dance class.

  2. Kim says:

    SO adorable…seriously. I haven’t seen her in her new glasses…they are STUNNING and this outfit is SO her. Love that she is in dance…memories she will cherish always.

  3. Grammy says:

    She is so cute! What a little character. You two must have a lot of fun together! Keep up the great job you do of being the Mom.

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