Posted: 10/12/2008 in Daily Happenings, Just Because, Move To Utah, Snow, Weather, Winter
I have to say that I am not very accepting of waking up to this today! YIKES! I pray this is a random storm and not the begining of winter already. Winter last year drug on until June or so and then we had Summer if you want to call it that and then this. I am NOT ready, in more ways then one!! Oh well, I can’t control the weather.
For this I am GRATEFUL I have my carport to park under so that I am not scraping my car like last year. That thought warms my heart!
  1. Scraping the car is the worst!

  2. The Hull's says:

    Wow you got alot more snow than we got. You must live in Utah somewhere.. Idaho didn’t get much.. Winter is sometimes fun but I just hate the cold.. I love the snow though but so glad when spring comes..

  3. Kim says:

    Happy to be off of my deathbed…and SO happy this was a fluke…as of now anyway. I was none too happy about this. NONE. Hope you are well. Miss you.

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