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Posted: 09/22/2008 in Me
I am not sure how to express my hatred for the internet at my apartment right now, as it hasn’t worked for over three weeks. Now I went to take pictures the other night and my camera has decided to go POSTAL on me!!! FREAK OUT!!
Needless to say I can’t take pictures or post unless I am at work and even then I shouldn’t be posting on my personal blog.
So my sister Jamie is doing a post about each of the siblings in my family on Friday and here is My Post! I love the pictures she finds. Thanks Jamie.
Also go here to see some pics Kim took of the Hanfts and My family. These were for our year anniversay for placement. These are just some of them. Thanks Kim
  1. -Jamie says:

    I love the pics on Kim’s blog! Oh my gosh, there are so many great ones! The couple of Alyson by herself are so dang cute!!!! Wow, I would love to have her do ours someday!

  2. The Hull's says:

    Hi you don’t know me.. I have been touched with adoption too. I adopted a little boy that is 6 months old. You are truly a brave and loving person to put the needs of your child ahead of your own.. I love your blog.. Come check my blog out… My name is Cindy…

  3. Alona says:

    Thanks for the forward to Jamie’s blog! Fun! 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Hey beautiful girl…glad you are back online…you have been missed.

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