Me and My Girls

Posted: 05/25/2008 in Elisa, Friendships, Good Times, Little Miss, My Peanut

Little Miss Calli and I

My Peanut and I

Too cute NOT to!
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I think this is the longest I have ever celebrated my Birthday. It started Friday night with dinner at Outback with Mike, Elisa, Calli, and my Peanut! What a better way to spend a night then with the five of us! Then we went back to their house and hung out and watched the girls make sounds at each other. It was so cute to watch Calli copy her sister and to watch them laugh together. The greatest medicine in life is to hear the laughter of a child! What special angels these two are! They have brought their moms UNMEASURABLE amounts of joy.
  1. I have been thinking about you today. Happy Birthday! What cute and precious darlings.

  2. Jill says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Bday’s are the best. I loved all the pix. Outback is so yummy…that sounds good. Hope you had a great time celebrating!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! You really know how to celebrate… Chuckee Cheese, Outback, family, good friends, YUMMY chocolate cake! Here’s to an incredible year to come! 😀

  4. Happy Birthday Carly!! Looks like it was a blast. Hope you have a great year!!

  5. Kim says:

    Oh my heck…I love all of these photos. You are such a beautiful Lady…and with two beautiful girls in your life! So fun.

  6. OK, those are the cutest pics! You look great mama!

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