Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!!

Posted: 05/13/2008 in Uncategorized

I DON’T even have the words to say anything worthy of the Miracles that are happening around me! What do you say when you see those that are so BEYOND deserving of parenthood struggling for , as far as I am personally considered, a REDICULOUS amount of time to achieve such a righteous desire. Yes I have said it before and I will say it again and again. It is these experiences that become answers to prayers of those that become birth mothers and likewise we become answers to these families prayers. I don’t really remember the exact connection or the day it happened. I just remember feeling drawn to Marc and Megan, well Megan specifically. We have emailed often and bounced back and forth between each others blogs. I have longed for the void in her heart to be filled even though I haven’t physically met her. I feel this way for the families that are looking to adopt. If there wasn’t so much entailed I wish I could have a child for each one. I wish my female organs didn’t work and theirs did. They are the ones that are married and have the capabilities to provide a healthy home. Although I desire for those with fertility issues to bare children I wouldn’t trade this experience and those I have met for the world. The difference and the impact it has had on my life has been eternal. A few weeks ago I decided to call Megan on the phone just to make her that much more real. A great conversation as we spoke of Adoption and the Gospel. Not often , even though I can talk, that I find myself talking to one that long on the phone! I have prayed in my heart for them constantly, I have hoped for them EVERY day! I remember talking to Megan and her not feeling well still and I was afraid to ever make the comment or bring up pregnancy. I thought to myself she was sick for an awfully long time though and must have some kind of tapeworm or serious virus from her trip to Australia. This is the BEST virus! =)



  1. Oh, how awesome for them! Wow! That is such a miracle. You are amazing. Thanks for the support and the prayers, and for being a friend. We don’t know what life will hold for anyone–even for us, but with friends like you, it is easier to make it through the hard times. brandi

  2. Kamie says:

    Hasn’t this been one amazing month! So many great things going on all around us!Carly, have I mentioned you are amazing? I love your thoughts and insights on life/adoption!

  3. Oh Carly, you are way too sweet! Thank you so much for your friendship and love… you have been such a wonderful blessing in my life. I’m so grateful for that day our paths crossed! I can’t wait for the day that we meet up in person! 🙂

  4. I am so excited for them!

  5. Kim says:

    Isn’t this incredible? It brings tears to my eyes once again today…I am ecstatic for them. WAHOO you guys!!!

  6. Leisha says:

    So wonderful…

  7. Britney says:

    I am so happy for your friends!! What a wonderful woman you are to hope and pray for all of us out there that struggle to have children. Adoption is the most amazing, wonderful experience!! I love all you wonderful birthmothers that help bless our lives and fulfill Heavenly Father’s plan!!

  8. Jill says:

    That is soooooo awesome. I hope their luck spreads!! lol. You are so sweet to genuinely care for so many people. You are amazing.

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