iPod Shuffle Challenge

Posted: 05/05/2008 in Just Because, Me
What are the first 16 songs on your iPod Shuffle?

I decided to randomly pick my own since most of them consisted of childrens songs

1. Anyway- Martina McBride
2. Everything Changes- Staind
3. Fidelity– Regina Spektor
4. Not Ready to Make Nice- Dixie Chicks
5. You’re Gonna Be- Reba McEntire
6. My Wish– Rascal Flatts
7. I am Woman- Helen Ready
8. What Hurts the Most- Rascal Flatts
9. Walk On- Kellie Coffey
10. Daughters– John Mayer
11. Ordinary Miracle- Sarah McLachlan
12. Love- Sarah McLachlan
13. Thank U- Alanis Morissette
14. With Arms Wide Open– Creed
15. Yellow Ledbetter- Pearl Jam
16. Release Me- Wilson Phillips
  1. Chelsia says:

    Great songs! I love so many of them. You and Kim both have Regina Spektor, I am going to have to check her out. I used to love love love Alanis Morissette, I need to download some of her music! Thanks for playing!

  2. Kim says:

    Love your list. Chelsia…Alanis is one of my FAVORITES…Carlz…you have so much variety…remember when we went to Baskin’s? You kill me. Love you.

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