R U Smarter than….

Posted: 04/30/2008 in Daily Happenings, Motherhood, My Peanut
So tonight I was getting my daughter ready for bed and as usual she was singing some made up song and songs from school. The topic turned into , “Mom, can you spell…?”. Usually I am ok with this until she comes up with some word like hippopotamus ! HA! What a joke. I use to be able to play it off in her younger days but not now. It is quite humbling to have your first , almost second, grader correct you. So I made my atempt to spell the word and she responded with, ” you got the , MUS , right.” Are you kidding ? I about died laughing. We battled for about 20minutes who was right and needless to say , AHEM…. She was! So , are you smarter than your….?
  1. arianne says:

    that is too cute! i think kids are smarter these days!! 🙂 maybe we need to stop using “spell check” for everything!!

  2. Leisha says:

    That is so cute. I know my kids are going to be smarter than me. I can already see the wheels in their head turning to try and outsmart me 🙂

  3. hilari says:

    I am a friend of a friend of mrs. r and i just want you to know how much reading your blog has inspired me. Life has seemed to have dealt you a rough hand of cards lately but you seem very positive and in tune to the spirit – and to the greater meaning of it all. I just wanted you to know that this blog has touched my life and I pray for your life to only keep getting more and more beautiful and bright. Your new blogging friend, Hilari

  4. Kim says:

    LOVE this cute photograph of Miss. I don’t think I would have spelled it right either!

  5. This little story cracked me up! What a little cutie you have! And a smarty pants!

  6. Amanda says:

    No I’m not smarter than…I do not excel at spelling. Cute story!

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