First Comes Love…..

Posted: 04/21/2008 in Daily Happenings, Friendships, Good Times

This weekend I was privelaged to hang out with Mr. T and my Peanut. Unless you have been around these two there is NO way to describe the relationship that they have. It is HILARIOUS! He almost crawls out of his skin whenever he sees her. I was having a hard time feeding him so my daughter was sitting on my lap singing songs and making faces. He stared at her like she was the best thing since Chocolate! She can get him to laugh like NO other! I love it. These two are just too much. Whenever he can’t see her he COMPLETELY freaks out. She went into the bathroom and shut the door and you would have thought someone had hurt him. I was dying. I was just there to supervise the situation. Mrs. R and I were dying when she went to carry him to the car and he reached for my Peanut. So she carried him to the car. I was trying to put his diaper on and that is a joke so I had my daughter stand next to the changing table and quickly sing , the Itsy Bitsy Spider. There is nothing like it. It is like a sedative. He stops WHATEVER he is doing, dead in his tracks, and listens to the songs. Anytime I needed to buy a few seconds I had her sing the Itsy Bitsy spider. I love these kids so much!!!! There’s nothing like having friends like the R house! Just genuine people, salt of the earth; I have been so blessed to have them in my life. I have learned so much from them and so many opportunities have come my way because of them.


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  1. That is so cute! Alyson is such a special girl. How could he not love her.

  2. Leisha says:

    I love the R House! They were telling me about this little connection and I love it. Friends forever!P.S. I added you to my linky loos. Hope that’s OK.

  3. Kim says:

    The R House kicks.We were all so thankful for you on Saturday. I know you saved the day for Mrs. R. Love Mr. T to pieces! LOVE HIM! Love you too!

  4. Char says:

    The R House totally rocks! c”,) and as for your little guy – he is ADORABLE! You better watch him in a few years time – you’re going to have girls banging down the door!

  5. Carlykins says:

    Oh Char, I could only WISH Mr. T was mine. =) He belongs to Mrs. R. I will let her know she better lock him up. =)

  6. Leisha says:

    Totally and completely adorable! Those pics are too cute!

  7. mrs. r says:

    are you the nicest person ever?answer: YES! i swear too nice. first you watch my kid for one billion hours while we are at adoption training and then you take the most hysterical photos and then you tribute …it’s too much i tell you.i love the blasco girls …and we all know how tyson feels.

  8. Sara Jane says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words! You are wonderful! I am very interested in doing presentations I would love to get more invovled in the adoption community because it is amazing and has changed my life drastically!! I am open to meeting as well, it would be nice to fianlly meet someone who is feeling the way I am right now. Just let me know…

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