Tooth Number 2

Posted: 04/03/2008 in Daily Happenings, Lost Tooth, My Peanut

We have been working on this tooth FOREVER! I mean for the past month at least. We have been relentlessly working on it just about every single day trying to get it loose enough to get it out. The past couple of days it has grossed me out the way it can move but I knew it was close. I was hoping it was since it was a topic of conversation probably 2-3 times a night. Yesterday after we got home it was time to go through our nightly routine and I told my Peanut that we needed to get that dang tooth out. I wrapped some floss around it and “YANK” it came out. Needless to say with the bathroom looking like the health department should come ban it we had to shake out some clothes and search for it. We found it and she took it to school to show everyone. Her teacher gives them a tiny little box to put it in. The Tooth Fairy had no money to give out so she had to make a stop by the store tonight to get some. She could have shook some out of the piggy bank but that would not have been good to have one wake up to their parent shaking money out of the piggy bank and asking what they were doing.! LOL I feel like she looks older with it out. I can see the tooth growing in a little. The one next to it is a little loose so we shall she how long that one takes to come out.

  1. -Jamie says:

    LOVE that picture!It must run in our family to have a slower time losing teeth. Jordyn has lots of friends who have 1/2 their teeth missing at 6 years old. And she has never lost one…and the front one the dr pulled A WHOLE YEAR ago has NO sign of an adult one ready to grow in. She shows me a “loose” tooth every single day, but no such luck. The thought of pulling one out makes me about throw up. I don’t think I could do it? Ugh.

  2. Kamie says:

    I always hated pulling out my teeth. *cringe*But she is a cutie and I am glad she was excited!

  3. I love this picture too!!!! She is so darn cute. I guess next time we see her she will have a new loose tooth to show me :). I can’t wait for the other front one to fall out. I love it when kids don’t have there front teeth so cute.

  4. Kim says:

    Look at this girl. I won’t recognize her! I miss you. Thanks for all your help and love last week. I’m almost back in the groove.

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