Good Times, Good Friends, & Good Grades

Posted: 03/11/2008 in Friendships, Good Times, My Peanut, School

Today was my Peanuts parent teacher conference. I am never worried about these and look forward to them to hear all the great things her teachers have to say about her. She was the ONLY one in her class with a PERFECT report card!!! I was speechless. She was also on the Principals Honor Roll and the Citizenship Honor Roll. She is a wonderful classmate and student. Her teacher said she is a pleasure to have around and it a great friend and has lots of friends. She listens well and has great reading skils. She is an amazing speller and is doing very well in her handwriting. Such a relief to go in a hear wonderful things about your child. I have to say she is naturaly smart since that isn’t exactly how my parent teacher conferences went. Afterwards I called up Mrs. R and asked them if they wanted to participate in the festivities of honoring such an amazing accomplishment. Mrs. R use to be a teacher so I figured she would be a great source to call! We went over and indulged in some succulent grilled cheese and tomato soup and afterwards headed to the park for some playtime. Of course there was room for ice cream and brownies afterwards and playtime with Mr. T. Love this family so much. I feel blessed to have them as my friends and to be able to bask in the Spirit that abides in their home. The love that they have for each other and Mr. T just ROCKS! I have been blessed with some amazing friendships since I have moved to Utah. The kind that matter. A BIG THANK YOU to the R house for participating in the festivities with us! MMMWWWAAAHHH

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  1. Kim says:

    Sounds like SO much fun. I LOVE Mrs. R. Wishing I was feeling up to par to have celebrated with you all. 😦 Maybe by next week I’ll be feeling betta. Congratulations to Peanut for being #1.

  2. mrs. r says:

    kim …you missed the best party EVER!

  3. She really is brilliant Carly. I love how focused she is in the mornings when she just plops at the counter and gets to work on any homework she needs to do. She is alot like my Jade, I love watching her. She has even helped Josh with his homework, what a kind soul!!! Go Alyson!!!!btw-I am about to shave my head, tell me again when you are available! ahhh!!!

  4. -Jamie says:

    Way to go Alyson! We miss you!

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