Birth Mother and Son Reunion

Posted: 03/01/2008 in Adoption

I found this today. It is a reunion story of a birth mother and son. It is a wonderful story. I love reading things like this . It makes me more a more grateful each day for how much Mike and Elisa have given to me. To have the peace of mind that my sweet angel is being loved and cherished with every waking moment and that I don’t have to wonder if everything is ok. I know that she is given everything that I would want her to have and then some. She has everything that I have ever dreamed of her having and more. She has a Dad that words cannot express how I feel when I see him with her. Being a mom myself I for some reason never worried about the Mom aspect for my angel but who her Dad was going to be was huge. He is everything I could have dreamed of. I can only pray that I in the future am blessed with someone that cherishes me and my children like he does his daughter and wife. I remeber 7 yrs ago when a friend of mine placed her daughter and when her little girl was a year old she met up with her and I thought is was the oddest sounding thing possible. It didnt make any sense to me. It sounded like the most painful thing one could do. Here I am 7 yrs later and I can’t imagine it any other way. Birth moms that placed 30 yrs ago are MY HEROS!!!
  1. Carly, I saw that segment on the Today show a little while back, and had to fight back tears while watching it. Every angle of adoption touches me in such a deep way. You, and others like you, are truly heroes to me!

  2. What a great story!

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