Posted: 02/25/2008 in Thoughts
How true is this that there are times when we are in the grove and BAM!!!! We get a wakeup call and we, or at least I, realize what I have. It’s amazing when we are in the middle of a frustrating time how irritating it can be yet when the answers start to come or when we start to feel some relief it is the most amazing breath of fresh air! A big SIGH of relief! The weight that rests on our shoulders seems to feel a little lighter and our step seems to be a little softer. I always wonder how many busy signals I have to experience before I get someone on the other end. I have to remember too that Heavenly Father isn’t always the one answering our prayers on the other end. He may be giving me a busy signal because he may be trying to answer my prayers through somebody else.
  1. I’m so glad that the weight has been a little lighter for you. YOU totally deserve it. I think my prayers are almost always answered through someone else than directly from God I think thats his way.

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have felt this feeling many times in my life, it is such a relief and a testimony builder. It is important to remember that he often works through another to answer our prayers! I love you!

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