My Peanut

Posted: 01/31/2008 in My Peanut

I am scared to admit that My Peanut will be 7 in three wks! I feel like that is not possible. At times I don’t remember life without her and it seems like she has always been this big yet at other times it was yesterday she was brand new. She is truly the most amazing kid in the world. I feel honored to be her Mom. She has such a tender heart and wants everyone to be happy. I tell her all the time that she is the best kid in the whole world. She says that isn’t nice to say because it will make other kids feel bad if they hear me say that. When she is gone I don’t know what quit to do with myself. This world is definitely a better place because she is here. She absolutely LOVES school and has a hard time missing even part of a day. She went back to class after she fell while she was waiting for me to pick her up to get her for her stiches. She absorbs life and enjoys the “little” things in life. Nothing passes her by. She appreciates everything that is tender in life and has such a love for everyone around her. The flowers, the snow, the sky, the animals. Everything in is own individual creation is SO amazing to her. Her zest for life is contegious. You can’t be around her and be in a bad mood ( sometimes its possible, not cause of her) . Her hugs and kisses are endless. She has such a testimony of the Gospel . She lives life with such intensity! I look forward to watching her as she gets older, but not too quickly. She is SO obedient and wants to do what is right. Her passion for music, color, and clothes. Artistic is her middle name. =) She appreciates the smallest gift to the biggest gift. She loves to meet people and go places! My life is worth everyday that I am given because of her. I wish everybody knew her, I hope that everyone can meet her someday. It only takes one meeting to catch a glimpse of why she is so special. I could go on forever about her.
OH I LOVE MY PEANUTPosted by Picasa
  1. Thank you for your comment. Some days, the waiting seems never-ending. Your comment came in a moment that couldn’t have been better. Your story is beautiful, and I know the Lord will continually bless you for your sacrifice.Your new friend,brandi

  2. She is a doll! I am glad that you have been blessed with her!

  3. Kim says:

    She has got to be THE single most beautiful girl EVER. Love this look back in time.

  4. Amanda says:

    She really is such a cutie. Just in the short time I have met her I can tell that she really is a special person. She has a pretty special mommy too!

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