President Hinckley 1910-2008

Posted: 01/29/2008 in Uncategorized
A TRUE disciple of Jesus Christ!

I really don’t think there is a couple any cuter than these two!!!
He almost seemed invisible at times. Like he would always just be around. It was like I forgot he was human at times and that he too would end his mortal journey here on this earth at some point. I am grateful that his departure was quick. How sweet it is to think of him by his wifes side again. What a sigh of relief I can breath knowing he and his wife are side by side again enjoying each others company! He took advantage of every moment and used it for good. He truly radiated Charity for all man kind. I am grateful for his leadership, guidance, and more importantly his example. I feel so blessed to live during a day and age where my life was and is able to be impacted by his presence. What an AWESOME man!!!!

  1. TheWinnFam says:

    I agree. While I am truly happy he is with his beloved and in a much better place, I am sad for all of us who wont ever hear his wisdom again on earth. A truly great, great man.

  2. He was such wonderful and down to earth man. For as sad as I am for us I am so happy to think of the reunion he had with his wife. Michelle

  3. I’m going to be Marjorie when I grow up.

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