Posted: 01/27/2008 in Daily Happenings, Just Because, Me
I didn’t leave the house today until 6 tonight! I decided before the Health Dept. banned my house and took my child away I would do something about it. I am not one to clean from left to right so to speak. I pick something up and then put it away and start cleaning the room that I put that item away in. Needless to say after hours of labor it does look better but not one room is completely done! Although I feel much better. After feeling like I was banned to my house I decided to go to Walmart. For what I wasn’t sure but you can ALWAYS find something to buy at Walmart. HA! I knew I needed a few essentials and as I walked down the unfortunate candy isle ;I saw this girl grabbing a bag of my FAVORITE candy and couldn’t believe my eyes. There it was GLORIOUS beyond ANY description! A 30.5 oz bag of Sour Patch Kids. I have died and gone to Heaven. I am so excited to sink my so called teeth into these and savor eat one of them!
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  1. Kim says:

    My mouth is watering, not for love of this candy…but at the sheer thought of the sourness. Enjoy, and I hope your tummy feels better…wink, wink.

  2. Its funny you found this wonderful treat I have bought the Sweedish Fish version of this bag but have never seen the Sour Patch bag. I’m so excited to go to Walmart to get it. Yay, WALMART! You might think it is funny but they are also in the top 5 of both Mike and I’s favorite candy.

  3. arianne says:

    I am totally there with Kim. this candy is SO sour! I hope you enjoyed the whole bag!!

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