Plastic Surgery

Posted: 01/25/2008 in Just Because
Of course I am at work with the internet at my disposal. DANGEROUS! I like to Google anything , I mean ANYTHING and see what comes up. So having worked in a salon for 7 years I saw some interesting things relating to plastic surgery. I even opened my mouth and asked people about their scares and was so embarassed to learn it was from plastic surgery. OOPS! I learned very quickly NOT to ask those kinds of questions. Needless to say I have truly decided with everything that is in me that I DO NOT EVER want plastic surgery! Besides that I am not a fan of pain or anything outside my “normal” comfort!


  1. Cyndi says:

    No to that for sure!!!!

  2. Don’t let #3 hear you say that! She is totally a California girl. Me on the other hand I don’t think so. My boss when I worked for the Salon got a face lift and had some crazy problems. She is ok now if you like that streached look. LOL to this picture he actually looks better as a woman.

  3. LOL! ICK! Okay, there is just so much wrong with this photo! Natural beauty is ALWAYS better!

  4. arianne says:

    that is SO gross! kindof funny but GROSS!!!

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