Resurrected from the Dead

Posted: 01/14/2008 in Daily Happenings, Me

I feel like I have been, am in the process, and will be resurrected from the dead. It started just before New Years Eve when my mom flew in to visit and with in hours I was vomitting from every exit of my body!!!! I was just fine that morning. NO idea where it came from. I quickly recovered and thought I was out of the woods. Last Sunday I returned from Church feeling like I was being tortured ALIVE! I wasn’t sure what I was being attacked with considering I just finished the flu. Then again with a weakened immune system and a SMALL amount of stress my body what like a strip of fly tape ready to catch anything that came by. I had no idea what was going on. The worst headache I have expereinced, or so I thought, in my LIFE!!! My body felt bruised and was cramping. Every time I got up I would heave my guts out. After about 7hrs I decided this was abnormal and that I wasn’t going to make it far. With the GRATEFUL asisstance from Sweet Cheeks mom and Callis extended family I was able to make it to the doctor to find out that I was SEVERELY dehydrated ! They thought I had menangitis but the spinal tap was clear! Phew! I thought I was out of the woods after that and ended up with Bronchitis and a SPINAL headache! I don’t know if any of you have had one of those but I wouldn’t wish it upon my WORST enemy! I ended up with a blood patch on Friday and here I am back to the road of normalicy. I am SO grateful for those around me and their unconditional help that they offered. I have truly been blessed with those that I am surrounded by. Dehydration is SCARY and it has a snowball effect. You can’t get out of it yourself, that’s for sure! The doctor asked me if I was stressed out! I had to laugh, You can convince yourself all you want that you are o.k but your body WILL tell you otherwise! So on with the new year we go!!!!
  1. mrs. r says:

    i feel that same way–minus the vomiting. the holidays really take it all out of you.i will call you when i get back in town. i will be gone until tuesday the 15th.i miss you!

  2. -Jamie says:

    Glad you made it through and are feeling a little bit better.

  3. OH CARLY! I am so sorry that you got so sick! I am glad that you had friends to help you out! Glad that you are feeling better!

  4. YUCK! That just sounds miserable! Not how you want to spend the holidays, I imagine! Glad you’re feeling better!

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