I Would Die For That

Posted: 01/05/2008 in Adoption, Infertility, Music

I snagged this from another blog, I loved it too much to not post it on mine! Kellie Coffey is a talented singer and songwriter. And two years ago she became a mother. Now she has a new album “Walk On” and one of the songs from that album chronicles her dark days when she despaired of never becoming a parent. In this article, she said that she didn’t think she’d ever be able to sing the song in public but now that her dream of motherhood has finally been realized, she said, “Now when I sing it, it’s filled less with a haunting personal desperation and more with a complete understanding and empathy for the women who are still on that journey and have endured far more pain than I have.”

This song is ABSOLUTELY amazing!

  1. Carly, that song was so powerful and her story is so tender. thank you for posting it. My heart was touched by it.I hope you are doing well! 🙂

  2. Thank you for you wonderful comment on my blog! I really hope that we can meet someday. I have brothers that lives near SLC, but we don’t get the chance to go visit very often. But when we do, we will for sure have to make time to meet up!

  3. Ohlins says:

    That sond was beautiful, it reminds me so much of how Elisa was feeling before you made her dreams come true! We Love You!

  4. That is a beautiful song. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have children and that was a great reminder.Michelle

  5. Katie says:

    Julie wants to access your blog. Email her at: juliecla@gmail.com

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