Happy Birthday Elisa

Posted: 12/09/2007 in Adoption, Friendships, Good Times, MikeandElisa, My Peanut
Last weekend we all went to Park City and had an early celebration for Elisas Birthday. As always a good time and good laughs. We went to the arcade and played games for awhile. I haven’t done that forever and it was so much fun. We played air hockey and Elisa won by default =) and Dance Revolution of course ROCKS!!! I am embarrassed to admit that my legs were sore the next day. I think I stomped on the squares harder then you are suppose to. LOL Got way into it. We played Mouse Trap and went to the outlets. Today is Elisas OFFICAL birthday. I am so greatful that the world has been blessed with her Presence. What a wonderful person she is. More importantly she is a wonderful MOMMA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELISA!!!!

present time, elisa got her camera!!!

mike teaching alyson to be a safe driver =)

elisa and I doing dance revolution, it was so much fun! and oh the workout!

  1. How fun!! I LOVE DDR! We have a dance pad at home, but haven’t gotten it out lately. We’ll have to do that. BTW, I love the color of your hair in that last picture!

  2. Kim says:

    I am COMPLETELY dying over Rainbow Bright, why does that just scream Carly to me?!

  3. LOL, You are so nice. We really had a great time didn’t we. Thanks for the Rainbow Bright you know me so well. We need to try to get a new DDR for the WII or Xbox. So, we can have a rematch.

  4. Alona says:

    That Rainbow Bright picture brings back a WHOLE lotta memories!

  5. -Jamie says:

    I’m shocked how red your hair looks! And Happy Bday Elisa!

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