Going Bald

Posted: 12/05/2007 in Daily Happenings, Just Because, Me

I have officialy decided that I am going to be bald by the end of THIS month!!!! Either I didn’t notice it as bad with Alyson cause my hair was short or it is worse this time around. My hair is falling out uncontrolably. I am not to fond of this idea since I have worked SO hard on getting it long. It is even more frustrating since it is in the front and it makes the hairline PHSYCO!!!! Literally, until the hair grows back. I don’t find it neccassary to loose hair on top of gaining weight AND getting strechmarks. Oh well, at least it comes back, thank goodness. ( I hope it does, it should! ) I’m just use to having a WIG instead of a COMBOVER!
  1. Hey girl, I am sure that you are harder on yourself than it really is. Keep your chin up….YOU are Beautiful!

  2. -Jamie says:

    Yes, I was freaking out after Pey too. It only lasted like two months and then it started growing back!!! hang in there baldy! 🙂

  3. TheWinnFam says:

    man I am so glad I wasn’t the only one that happened to. I HATE the baby hairs that come in afterwards too.

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