Weekend Update

Posted: 11/12/2007 in Adoption, Elisa, Emotions, Friendships, Good Times, Little Miss, Thoughts
c calli, caught at the end of a smile


First of all November is Adoption Awareness month, which I think is totally awesome that they dedicate a WHOLE month to such a special “event” if you will. Megan put up an amazing post for adoption awareness month. This weekend Mike was out of town so Elisa called up and asked if Alyson and I wanted to have a girls night out. We went up saturday night, ate pizza, watched a movie, talked till 3am looking at old scrapbooks, hanging out in Elisas craft room and just talking about anything and everything! Then we took a nap! LOL By the way I don’t think I have met anyone more talented than Elisa!!! She is absolutely amazing. I am in awe at her and I know that you aren’t suppose to covet people but I will have to say I am jealous! =) We got up and ate breakfast in bed while we watched Cars, hung out for a little bit before we got ready for church. We headed off to church and we were able to listen to the Primary Program today for Elisas ward. I met a lady that has the most adorable little girl and her and her husband are in the process of adopting again. It was really neat to meet her and hear how she has a wonderful relationship with their birth mom. After church we went home and had some lunch, cut some more hair and talked more until Mike came home. As always I enjoy spending time with Elisa and Jeremiah. I was able to put my rusty yet well rehearsed cutting skills to use buy cutting Elisa and Jeremiahs hair!!! I had to fix Elisas after church since I saw a spot that was absolutely KILLING ME!! I told her she couldn’t stamp my name on it until I gave it the seal of approval! A perfect weekend to get me through another week. I am more a more grateful for the frienships that I have been blessed with since this adoption. I am more and more amazed at how natural Mike and Elisa are with Calli and the love that they have for her. I love how they know her so well and how they attend to her needs with so much love. It is so tender to watch Elisa with her and how she KNOWS what to give her when she needs it. Not that being pregnant makes you know right away what your child needs, etc. but just how it seems so normal that she is her Mom. I remember being pregnant with Alyson more than I do Calli. To watch Mikes excitement when he sees her as he walks through the door is priceless!!! I don’t think I have ever met a guy that is SO attentive and aware of a baby’s needs. He is absolutely amazing and Calli is blessed to have such wonderful parents. Thankyou Elisa ,as always, for a wonderful weekend and just for being who you are!!!

  1. WOW! Carly that was a great post but you really make me sound much cooler than I really am. I really feel like we are the lucky ones. I had so much fun this weekend that I was sad to see it end. We love you!

  2. Amanda says:

    I think that it is so wonderful that you have such a great open relationship with your adoptive couple.

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