My Alyson Joy

Posted: 11/10/2007 in My Peanut, Outfits

I love the mornings just because I can’t wait to see what Alyson is going to put together next. Very rarely do I have to put my foot down on what she decides to wear except when she walks out in a summer getup and it is 30degrees outside!! I then have to tell her she will freeze and she always in return , very adimitly promises that she won’t be cold! I then tell her that that would be some amazing brain power to tell your body that it won’t be cold. Talk about self control ! LOL She is too much. Yesterday she walked out with her head held up VERY high and said, as she always does, “Mom don’t I look cute?” I always respond, “Yes you do!” Of course she does, she is my child and it is her personality. Yesterday she came out in the outfit pictured above and I was dying. Mind you the shirt is a leopard print and has a silver sparkling crown on it! I thought she looked like and 80’s rockstar! The tight pants, wild hair,etc. ! That’s my kid. Shopping is definitely interesting with her since we both have the same taste but wear such different apparel! I decided to pick up some shoes yesterday first of all since I don’t really have any close toed shoes from living in California and second to pat myself on the back for getting an 87% on the test that I had to pass to keep my job!!!! Hip Hip Horray! Needless to say Alyson wanted me to get everything that was beyond excentric and I was trying to get something that was comfortable and realistic. She kept asking me why I didn’t want boots or why I didn’t wear heels and why I always wear flats. She also asked why I don’t wear a lot of designs on my shirts. Oh this child. There were some boots that looked like rainboots that were WAY out of my comfort zone and she wanted me to SO badly get them. I am interested to see what she does with her life!
  1. She is a cutie! And I love that she has her own style, and good for you for letting her!

  2. She is going to be so fun to watch growing up… I hope she keeps that spunky personality! So cute!!

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