Tag a Long

Posted: 11/04/2007 in Just Because, Me
I have been Tagged by Julie. These things really make me think hard about myself.
Tag #1 – 3 facts and habits about me
1– I am a professional avoider! I can think of a million things to do instead of what I REALLY should be doing!!
2– I think people are absolutely FASCINATING and I am completely intrigued by the way they do things and why they do it that way!! I could people watch ALL day! How nice if I could do it for a job and get paid for it. I would work 365 days a year without being asked! I also love listening to peoples Life stories.
3– My favorite ice cream that I treat myself to like once a year if that is the Starbucks Mud Pie flavor!! YUM YUM!!!!
Tag #2– The Senses
Favorite Smell– The old baby lotion that they don’t make anymore! There is nothing like a freshly bathed baby lathered in baby lotion!! YUMMY
Favorite Site– The different seasons. The mountains in the Fall when it’s all different colors, the winter and the ground with a fresh CLEAN coat of snow, the spring when everything is blooming, and the summer because the SUN is OUT!!!
Favorite Taste– I don’t think I have a favorite taste. FOOD!!! It depends on the day. Today it was the dinner I ate with Elisa and Jeremiah ( that was good ) tomorrow it might be something salty, the next day it might be Winger’s Sticky Wings, the day after that NOTHING may sound good.
Favorite Sound– Alyson singing her primary songs or when she tells me how much she LOVES me!!
Favorite Touch– The touch of a child!!! Especially a newborn!!
  1. julie says:

    I am so glad that you went a long with my tag! It is so fun to find out these little tid-bits about each other

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