The BIG move!

Posted: 10/30/2007 in MikeandElisa, Move To Utah
my room
alysons room
family area
kitchen,dining,computer area
mike and elisa
So I am FINALLY moved and I say that with much relief! I thought the day would never come where I would feel “settled” again. My stuff is all unpacked and my “house” is all clean. The only thing left is the picture hanging and that is causing anxiety since I find that to be a daunting task. I say my house because it is a walk out basement that is 1600 s.f !!!! Alyson and I have our own rooms for the first time in almost 7 yrs. OK the first time in her whole life. It feels weird. Mike and Elisa came down to help me move along with a few members of the bishopric. When we got to Sandy it was just the 3 of us! It wasn’t too bad until my arms started shaking! It is so nice to have some order back in my life again and feel in charge of myself, so to speak. I have lived on my own for so long that I just am better off that way. Frank and Pat live above me and are a really neat couple. They have been married over 50yrs and served a mission in Canada. They have only been in this house for 3yrs and the missionaries use to live here. They are the kind of people you just instantly love. The Grandma and Grandpa type. =) Alyson is having a good time at her new school and has so many friends here already which is nice. We shall see what is down this road and what memories it brings.

  1. -Jamie says:

    That is ME in the comment above, signed in as mom. I hate that I do that so much!!

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