Last Day of School!

Posted: 06/24/2007 in My Peanut, School

Friday was Alyson’s last day of Kindergarten!! She still seems so small to me (and always will be my baby) but now to say that she is going into First grade makes her sound 5 yrs older!! We survived the 1st year of school and quite well I might add. It is amazing how much they learn and grow. (especially in the physical sense) Grandma picked her up from school and conned her into going swimming and were out in the pool for almost 3hrs!! She is a fish! It is definitely a great way to exhaust all energy so they will sleep at night. =) Alyson is now off to Grandma’s house to visit with everyone. Perfect timing with my adventure yesterday to the Hospital! I know I can’t tell all of you new school moms how to feel but somehow they are fine. It was fun to watch Alyson and see who her friends were and how she interacted with everyone. You learn more about them, I think, when they go to school then when they are at home.
  1. I can’t believe how grown up she is!! Happy Summer Vacation Allyson!!

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