Day at the Farm

Posted: 05/31/2007 in My Peanut, School

Alysons class was able to go to the farm after studying all the animals for a few weeks. They are studying ocean animals right now and they will be able to go to the aquarium soon. Alyson decided that she didn’t like the goats and wouldn’t touch them because she had learned that they eat “everything”. She stayed as far away as possible. She didn’t want them to eat her clothes. =) They were each able to hold a new baby chick and she was so excited when she saw artichokes growing!!! If she had her choice she would eat one every day! They also planted their own radishes and they are still growing. I am not too sure who is going to each them? Maybe I will try to get Alyson to taste them. LOL
  1. -Jamie says:

    how fun and so good to have pics because she is growing like a weed and this will seem distant very soon.jamie

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