Note to Self!!!

Posted: 05/21/2007 in Daily Happenings, Mishaps

No need for pictures; it might be too gruesome for most people! I have to blame this one on being pregnant but also on shear stupidity! I was making Alyson a famous Blasco blender drink and I wanted to make sure it tasted right. I didn’t realize that I had 2 REALLY tall blades at the bottom and how high they were and how little liquid there was in it! I stuck my left finger in and instantly thought I was going to pull out a stub!!! I have never felt shock come over my body quite like that!!! I was afraid to look cause I wasn’t sure if I was going to end up at the E.R or what. I called a Lady, Leslie, from church to ask her if she had a first aid kit; something I realize I need now! She came over and bandaged me up and now I have a rather large finger. It is amazing that you could have 10 fingers and think you would be OK without just one. I am amazed at how they all work together. I feel completely handicap! After I sat down and started realizing what had happened I felt really flush and almost passed out! Absolutely ridiculous and now has to be one of my most embarrassing moments! =)

  1. CARLY! Are you serious? Wow!!! That is so scary!! I thought it was bad when I stuck a fork in and it came flying out, just missing my eye, but that totally tops it!! I’m so glad you’re okay!!! Now I konw what to get you for your bday – a first aid kit!! ha ha

  2. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh! ok, so note to self, DON’T stick fingers into blender. Got it! That goes right on top with keep head out of oven! LOL, ok well I am glad you are ok! Thank goodness for friends who will bandage you up!

  3. OUCH!! Oh my goodness! I’m sure we could all contribute to some sort of book of kitchen mishaps! Mine would be almost starting it on fire when I left the edge of a towel in the oven! Hmmm! Glad you survived this one!

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