The Best Mothers Day Gift!!

Posted: 05/13/2007 in Gifts, Mothers Day, My Peanut

In my opinion I have the best kid but I also received the most AMAZING mothers day gift ever!!!! My visiting teacher helps me with Alyson if I have to work late or on Saturdays. She has two girls that love to have Alyson over. Almost a month ago they made a gift for Mothers Day and I had to wait to open it. I wasn’t sure if I could do it but somehow I managed. I think it was the help of Alyson watching me to make sure I didn’t!!! This morning she was more then excited for me to open it!! I could only imagine since at this age they are homemade and it gives them that much more meaning and value! I was more then pleasantly suprised!! Alyson sat there with the biggest grin on her face to see my reaction; of course I loved it. Her handprint with a picture. More than priceless ; I think!!!!
  1. that is so cute and special. its so fun to see how much they think its special too!jamie

  2. . says:

    What a beautiful gift. I hope you had a great mother’s day. P.s.Alyson is so cute. She gets cuter by the day.. Aracely

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