School Projects

Posted: 04/24/2007 in My Peanut, School

Well we haven’t done as many school projects as I thought we would. I guess it’s down to business in kindergarten now! If I let her decorate her Humpty Dumpty how she wanted to it would probably be valued at $100 dollars!!! She loves her projects. Her new found freedom that she improves at everyday is reading. It is nice to have her read to me and she how much she is learning. Definitely an exciting time of her life. Alyson is in school all day so they fit so much into those hours. Unfortunately Alyson was blessed with the most amazing school teacher this year but about 2months ago ,maybe a little longer, she was in the classroom after hours and she went to answer the phone and tripped on the school rug. Her hands didn’t make it out in time and she is now recovering and going through some rehab! The children absolutely adore her and they aren’t sure if she is going to make it back for the rest of the year. I feel a little ripped off inside but what do you do. They have a sub that has just been able to pick-up where Mrs. Knapp left off. She is such a organized teacher that the sub just follows her book. It felt a little weird to have parent teacher conference last week with someone that I felt didn’t know Alyson that well. She has done the best that she can and was able to tell me what a great classmate she is and that she is either at grade level or above grade level in the required area. What a relief to not have to worry about the school aspect of life right now. I feel like 1st grade sounds too big for Alyson and that she is suppose to be in kindergarten forever! How the time flies.
  1. proudgma says:

    Alyson Joy,I love your Humpty Dumpty girl! I love to see your school projects. You are so creative. I am glad you got to spend time with your cousins. I see you have on your new pink baby doll top and eating up to your new T.V. tray. I also love to see you at the Newport Temple in your beautiful Easter dress. Very Cute! XOXOXOXO I love you! GRANDMA

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