Eye Doctors

Posted: 03/28/2007 in My Peanut

Yesterday I took Alyson to her eye doctors appointment since it had been over a year. A little too long! Since there are only 3 pediatric eye doctors within 50 miles and they are open 3 days a week I took her to “big” person doctor. Everything was so big for her but she did a wonderful job. What a difference from the last appointment to this one. She was able to read the letters and tell them what choice was more clear. Off to A Childs View we went to pick out the frames. I was impressed with her choice. They will go with everything. I was waiting for her to pick out something wild!! But they didn’t fit her nose right. =) Still too small to not have nosepads. We will pick them up on Monday. I can’t wait since her old ones are being held together by tape and plastic piping. =( Poor thing. They fell apart overnight!! She asked how many more days till we pick up the new ones like 6 times today. It might be a long week!

  1. that makes her look so small! so excited to see her new glasses!

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