Trying to connect

Posted: 03/24/2007 in My Peanut

Back to square one. Haven’t posted in some time. Life is BUSIER then busy and since I have barely caught up with myself I figure now I can hopefully be better at this. Tonight I sent Alyson in her room to put on her pajamas and she came out with this nightgown. She insisted that it fit fine and that she could sleep in it. It reminded me of the 70’s when the dresses were REALLY short and all she needs are some white flashy Go Go boats. =) This is my nightgown from when I was not even a year old!! LOL I think she is trying to connect to me even more or maybe trying to be like me. She has been wearing some of my shirts to bed lately. That is cool as a kid to wear something of your parents. At least I thought it was cool. To her dismay I had her take it off and return it to what I thought was a special place but not so much. I was so suprised that it even came off. I felt a panic inside that it wouldn’t when she came out. I just love her. Alyson Joy and a joy she is. =)
  1. I was shocked when I checked your blog! A new post!I don’t remember that nightgown and can’t believe she got it on!!!

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