100 Things About Me

Posted: 01/20/2007 in Just Because, Me

So I have TOO MUCH to catch up on!!! It is actually a paralyzing thought. I figure I would at least start with the lis of 100 about me like everybody else has done. I have enjoyed reading everybody elses list. I have to laugh cause I think oh yeah that’s me too. LOL

1. I LOVE my daughter more than anything or anybody else in the world!!!!
2. I HATE ( even though my mom says to not use that word) Sarcasm!!!!
3. I think that anything sweet makes life worth living!
4. I have a passion for music!
5. I Love photography and appreciate looking at the world through somebody elses eyes
6. I am eternally grateful for the Gospel in my life and the Testimony I have
7. I have to admit I am a control freak in most situations.
8. I am love to read self-improvement books and learn as much as I can about human behaviors
9. I have a pillowcase that I play with to fall asleep.
10. I think I have the best job in the world!!!
11. I am a total germ freak!!!!! ( O.C.D )
12. I like to cook but not the best at baking; it requires directions. (for me)
13. Leads me to the next, I don’t like directions!!!
14. I wish time didn’t exist because I like to do things on my time frame but I want people to do things when they say they are going to! ( whole control thing)
15. I want to travel more in life but really don’t have the patience to sit in one place for along time!
16. I am a total night owl. Would rather be up at night then the day
17. I wish I could invent another way of creating children( didn’t like being prego) It was 6 yrs ago and I HAVEN’T forgotten any of it!!!
18. I love meat and I always need protein.
19. I love hearing peoples life stories. Totally fascinating!
20. I love to crochet but I usually burn myself out by making a carcover. ( a really big blanket!!!
21. I know I have the cutest nieces in the WHOLE world!!!
21. I can’t stand confronting people!! It is the most akward feeling for me!
22. I would rather paint the apartment walls the clean and pick up.
22. Laundry is the death of me.
23. I try not to go grocery shopping hungry!!! Bad idea every time
24. Olives are a staple in my coupard
25. My mom makes the BEST mashed potatoes and stuffing!!!!
26. I have come to the realization ( have known this for some time) that guys are just retarded!!! LOL
27. I love to see the excitment in Alysons eyes as she learns at school and about life!!
28. Think being cold is awful!!! But sweating isn’t my favorite either!!!
29. I think that cramps are completely unecessary!!!
30. Tomatoes don’t make sense to me
31. I love Mexican food ( homemade)
32. I have developed a fear of diving off of a diving board since I had Alyson
33. Getting to the point that I am not sure if I can finish this list. I am having a brain fart
34. I love big words.
35. I am grateful for the shelter that I have that keeps me out of the cold!
36. I don’t like that people have Agency!!
37. Rite Aid Ice Cream is my favorite
38. I truly love to laugh. I love when I get on a laughing kick.
39. I think bugs are absolutely disgusting!!!
40. I have recently developed a love for sushi! ( non of the raw stuff. LOL)
41. I LOVE Vinegar!!
42. I love the smell of baby lotion even though they DON’T make the scent anymore!
43. I love the smell of fresh ground coffee beans!!
44. Even though laundry is the death of me I love the smell when it is done and clean!
45. I am grateful for the experiences I have had in my life
46. I think memory foam pillows are the greatest!!( just got it)
47. Love how fresh everything is after is rains
48. I think that the ocean is absolutely amazing and respect is power!
49. I love to read church doctrinal books!!!!!!
50. Think ALL cigarettes should be burned and banned!! I think it is the NASTIEST smell
51. I am BEYOND grateful for people that were given the gift of an intiletual mind to be able to make medications of all kinds ( esp. the ones that keep us sane =) )
52. I feel extremely blessed to have the friends that I do and to have met the people that I have
53. I love the mountains
54. I think technology is amazing and if I worked at Best Buy I wouldn’t have a pay check
55. I take really long showers
56. My goal soon is to be a color educator for the Goldwell Color line
57. 80’s music is my favorite even though I like it all except for hard core rap!
58. I love to be social , but when I need my space I NEED IT!!
59. My counselor that I have gone to for 5 yrs. told me that I have earned my honorary therapist certificate!!! Maybe that means I can start taking care of myself . LOL
60. I LOVE to people watch, I always say if I could get paid to do it I would. I guess I do buy doing hair. I say that I legally stare. LOL
61. I love the sound of laughter!!!!
62. Yes I can very easily make myself laugh. I can entertain myself sometimes. =)
63. I love to make people feel good. It makes me smile. I don’t think I do it often enough cause I am afraid of what everyone will think. DUMB
64. I repeat myself but I think that’s because I really want to make sure I got my point across. And it is so my head will stop spinning.
65. I wear my emotions on my sleave
66. I admire other peoples talents and know that’s what helps the world go round.
67. I think my sister Kristy is the most musically talented person I know!!!! for reals. I know you shouldn’t covet but I find myself coveting her talents sometimes.
68. I should not be taken personally when I am hungry nor should I ever get that hungry. It’s a scary thing.
69. I have always wanted to go to Africa
70. I kill plants. I have even killed a bamboo plant. I know!!!
71. I can’t stand being scared!!!!!
72. I think my sister Jamie should be an interior designer!!!!
73. I like to watch the Discovery Channel
74. I love fall cause of the colors of the leaves
75. I love FOOD!!!!
76. I have a crazy memory, my sister Jamie use to say that I remember being in the womb. LOL
77. I love new information, I just wish I could bring it all up at once when I wanted to instead of waiting for a moment to see if I remembered it.
78. I have a thick head. I tend to learn things the hard way. I want to think I am getting better.
79. I like advice but only when I ask for it.
80. I would like to see what someone else would put down on this list for me.
81. I like stability and have a hard time with change that I haven’t decided on. so that’s life
82. I love the imagination of children!!!!
83. I am a quote person. I live for quotes. One of my favorites is, If you always tell the trught then you never have to remember what you said.
84. Can’t stand rude people on the road.
85. I think the smell of B.O is absolutely FOUL!!!!!!!!
86. I don’t like to get up in front of large groups of people.
87. I think plastic surgery is rediculous!
88. I love family history and I wish I could do it all day. I need to pick it up again
89. I am not good at saying good-bye when I leave from a vacation, from seeing friends.
90. I am great at organizing but awful at keeping it up!
91. Love that I can pay bills online!
92. I am not good at watching movies over and over again.
93. It kills me to keep a thought inside. It feels like a stick of dynamite
94. Racism makes my blood boil, I don’t understand it at all!!!!!!!
95. Love how the air is so clean and fresh after it rains
96. Can’t stand when DVDs and CDs are left out of their cases!!!!
97. I was born without 8 of my adult teeth. Maybe I was in a big hurry to get to earth!!!
98. I can’t stand when people give me short notice and expect me to be ok with it. Like canceling something with me. That is my biggest peeve ( i know there are exceptions)
99. I feel more aware of myself after doing this list
100. Don’t LOVE being prego!


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