Costumer Service

Posted: 12/08/2006 in Uncategorized

I don’t know if I can really do this story justice over the computer without the hand jestures and the animation I add to it, but I will do my best. Apparently Cingular was having problems today so I went into the store to let them know that I was over have a broken phone and they said that the entire Network was having problems. They also told me that my phone had a recall (so check it out Jamie) and to call and ask for a replacement phone. I called and the person on the other line asked me what was wrong with my phone and I proceeded to tell her that I didn’t know and that I had just been told to call this number to recieve my replacement phone . It went back and forth 3 times and so I called back again and got someone else and they said that they had no info on a recall!! I felt like I was seriously in the twilight zone and that I was trying to convince someone that I had green skin!! I guess it is experiences like that , that make the world go round or lopsided!!! Although things like that irritate me I end up more grateful for my job and they education that I have!! Maybe that’s what I am suppose to learn. Not too sure. I figure that’s good enough for now. It may be taken to another level some other time. LOL! For now be thankful for the job you have.

  1. Anonymous says:

    you have the worst luck with cell phones!! now I don’t know which phone to get. i can’t stand howmine hangs up on me all the time!!!

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