Next Big Fashion Designer

Posted: 11/17/2006 in Individual, My Peanut, Outfits

It is free reign on saturdays and this is what alyson picked out

Move over Prada here comes Alyson!! I couldn’t even tell you what direction Alysons life is going to take her but if you asked me right now I would have to say that she could very easily have her own clothing company one day. She is very aware of what each item of clothing is called. Gouchos,Capris, Skort, etc. It makes me laugh since I was as far from a princess as possible in my younger years. I still wear the same jean skirt every Sunday and Alyson usually makes a point to let me know that I should get a new outfit for church. LOL. So the other day I was in the Tub and I had shaving cream on both legs and Alyson walked in a said, ” Hey mom that’s cool it looks like you have white leggings on.” I had to just chuckle cause that’s my daughter. Who would have ever thought that. =) When I took Alyson to the doctor the other day to get collarbone checked out there was a poster on the wall that said something to the affect that if adults had the imagination of a child; all the problems of the world would be solved in one day. Oh how true that is.

  1. mequeen says:

    That outfit is conservative for some of the git-up she can so interestingly arrange!Love, GMA

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