Parent Teacher Conference

Posted: 11/16/2006 in My Peanut, School

Today I went to Alysons very first parent teacher conference. I was pretty anxious all day. It is nerve wrecking to think about what somebody else is going to say about your child!! Needless to say Mrs. Knapp has Alyson figured out quite well and knows her personality quirks. She is a wonderful student and is very smart. She loves validation and has a hard time when she doesn’t get a turn at something. She can count to 200 but Mrs. Knapp only needed her to count to 50. Alyson wanted to keep going. That’s sounds like her. Wanting to show her full potential and not being cut off. She doesn’t like when her teacher changes the order of things and has to be explained to that sometimes things just don’t go as planned. I knew that was going to be hard for her when she started school cause she does that at home. I have to make sure to not say anything unless I want it in stone!!! She loves to sit in the front row and is not ok with anybody else sitting in “her” spot. LOL She was able to count how many pictures of something there was and circle the right number. Mrs. Knapp also said that she wants to write her letters fancy with swirls and make it really pretty but that’s not the way it is suppose to be done in Kindergarten. Needless to say she is at the top of her class and is an over achiever. She is her own worst critic!!! No need for anybody else to be hard on her. We mainly need to work on a few of her letters and numbers that she rights backwards but for all you moms and moms to be it is typical for kids to write things backwards up till 2nd grade; after that is when you need to worry. Made me feel better. School is good and I look forward to her many adventures in the future. ( just had to put an old pic of alyson for this post. she’s just a baby! She called this her baby nap dress. LOL)

  1. that’s too cute. I like the part about her wanting to make her letters fancy! That is so cute!I remember this pic of Alyson and can’t believe I thought she was old then!!! So wierd!

  2. mequeen says:

    Grandma bought her that Baby Gap dress and we both loved it! I’d say curly letters reflect the designer in her!Love, GMA

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