Firefighter Alyson

Posted: 10/22/2006 in Broken Collar Bone, My Peanut, School

It has been a week ago today since Alyson has broken her collar bone and she seems to be doing a lot better. She thinks she belongs in a circus and does some wild things and ends up hurting herself and is very sore in the morning. What do you do? Can’t tie a kid down for a few weeks. thank goodness kids heal fast. Well we are about 6wks into school and Alyson is loving it more then ever. She is learning so much and I fear every day that I am going to have to hire a tutor by 1st grade. The amount of learning they do nowadays in incredible. Last week they had the fire deparment come and learn all the safety rules. Alyson loved it since her best friend Kristis’ dad is a firefighter. She got this cool hat and some stickers. She made sure to tell me in great detail all the rules she learned and she got to be the one to show the class how her and Mrs. Knapp would take off their glasses and tuck them under their shirt in case of and earthquake. She thought that was so cool. Anything to feel needed. That’s what all kids need.

  1. So glad she is still loving school! And it’s so awesome how great her teacher is. She will always remember that.

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