Not the Way to WakeUp

Posted: 10/15/2006 in Broken Collar Bone, My Peanut

So now that I have slept through the night for the past couple of years it is extra heart stopping to me when I am abruptly woken up in the middle of the night. Although I think that when you wake up to your child screaming it is always heart stopping! Last night Alyson fell out of her bed and it was almost like I heard it while it was happening but then the scream woke me up!!! I held her in bed with me for what seemed like a long time and then when she settled down I put her in her bed. It took me back to when I was about 8 and I had and dream that I was in a swimmeet and I dove off of the top bunk into the floor and my dad came running in cause of my blood curdling scream. Somehow I didn’t break my neck! So I went back to sleep thinking everything was fine and then I woke up to Alyson sitting on the edge of the bed screaming again saying her neck hurt! I thought to myself oh please let there be nothing wrong with her neck. I called Sister Matter in the ward. She is an E.R nurse and she ran me through the course of questions and we came to the conclusion that Alyson is REALLY sore and will be for awhile but she assured me that kids are extremely limber and that as long and she can feel her fingers and toes and that they aren’t tingling then she is ok. I went to get ready for church while Alyson was on the couch with an icepack and she went to get up and she yelled out in pain again. So here we are locked in the apartment going CRAZY!! Poor thing. She asked if our hometeacher could come over and give her a blessing . What faith she has. I told her we would call after church was over. The adventures of having children !!!

  1. Ugh, those are heart stopping moments! Hope she recovers quickly!Thanks for catching us up on your blog…but you left something out……..:-) Jamie

  2. Yikes, scary! I hope her neck is feeling better! Crazy what dreams will make us do in our sleep!

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